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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine   

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* What is Magic Juice?  Provides detailed ideas for use and applications.

* About us... Offers the story behind the ‘Juice’ and how Lori came to develop this product.

* Our product & pricing page has individual, case options and pricing information.

* Health Care Professionals has information for promotional & bundled packages for Health Care Professionals and all who sell Magic Juice.  If you are interested in      selling Magic Juice please toss us a note so we can reach you.  We will list links to your practitioner site or list your practice for all who sell our product.

* Find a practitioner will let you find people in oyour area who stock Magic Juice.  This will grow and expand we hope giving you a variety of ways to find our product.

* The event page keeps up with any events or showcases.

* FAQ  and comments gives us a way to look to the tons of questions we get and gives you a place to browse the varrious comments and questions we get.  We try to provide answers and encourage your customer feedback.  The testimonials tell the story for us.

* Contact us provides a conduit for connection.  Practitioners can list and link here so clients can find both product and services in an area near them.

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* Welcome to my avenues clinic.  Lori Berryhill L. Ac. Acupuncture &Chinese Herbal Medicine, developer of Magic Juice has a full Acupuncture and Chinese Medical practice located @ 670 7th Avenue, S.L.C.  Ut. 84103  801-355-3076

* Acupuncture ?'s FAQ... the most frequently asked questions about acupuncture answered here.

* What can Acupuncture treat?  See what the World Health Orginization, WHO, says are conditions that Acupuncture can effectively treat.

* Menu of Services details fees and services

* Corporate Wellness programs tailored to the individual company's needs.  Community talks and 'Lunch and Learn' presentations arranged.  Contact: Debbie Downs, Marketing & Public Relations.